Monday, 31 December 2012

So long 2012

Wow, what a year.

The bike ride seems like a distant memory, but what a memory!  I have spent tonight looking through my photos and the journal I kept on the road, reliving the good times and glossing over the bad days.

The start

I never got round to blogging about Holly's journey home, but it took her a staggering 27 days to make the journey from Miami to Bristol.  After sitting uncollected in a Miami bike shop, she was then held in customs for several weeks as she was missing the correct paperwork.  Thanks TNT!  

The finish
I would be lying if I said I didn't worry about her, but she's back safe and well and rebuilt with nice shiny new tyres......after Schwalbe heard about my puncture free journey, and the money I raised for charity, they went me a complimentary pair of tyres!!  Thank you Schwalbe.

Holly's undignified journey home

So what is like being back?
In the states I seemed to have the same conversation with everybody, about where I had cycled, where I was from etc.  Well, since being back in UK I have been answering one question: 'How was the USA?'.  I have found it an incredibly difficult question to answer, how do you sum up three months of travelling into a sentence!?  I tend to just go with 'yeah, it was good thanks', but it doesn't really do the USA justice.

What has changed?
I was expecting to return from the USA a changed man, but within 2 days of being home, it felt like I'd never been away.  There has only been one noticeable change in me (apart from the tan lines) and that has been how miserable I have been in coping with the British winter (and the non-stop rain).

I have spent many a night at home, looking out the window longing to be outdoors in my tent staring up at the stars.

So in summary, don't cycle the USA, it makes you miserable afterwards!

Richard the Conqueror

The Good?
Obviously, I'm not that miserable and I have a head full of good memories, but nothing will beat the feeling of knowing I have done something to help.  £7,203.79, to ShelterBox is far beyond my wildest dreams and it is a fantastic feeling knowing I have made the slightest of difference to those in need.  But ultimately I just rode my bike; for that reason I must end my blog with a MASSIVE thank you to all those that donated to ShelterBox.  Nice one.

Oh, and for those I met in USA who I told my plans for after the ride.........she said yes.  :)

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